the qlib

style your shelves

May we present: the qlib - iconic, beautiful and versatile. The qlib is an add on for your IKEA KALLAX or EXPEDIT shelf. In no time your standard shelve is a unique und colorful piece - you simply clip the qlib onto your doors and you're done. It is IKEAhacking made easy!

In recent months, we brought the qlib to life. And now we want our qlib to become yours! All images you see so far are pictures of our prototypes. We want to produce the qlib and bring it into your homes. In order to collect the money for the first production, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

the team

this is us
Martin Storbeck

Martin is the creative mind behind the qlib. He is seriously nuts about LEGO & has infected the rest of the team with his enthusiasm. His DIY-addiction combined with a borderline OCD drives him to realize his many ideas with his own hands, creating functional and unique pieces.

Richard Kurth

Richard met Martin at university many years ago. They quickly realized that they complement each other perfectly. Ever since, together they bring ideas to life. Richard brings Martins ideas to a higher level by his technical know how. You can trust him ... he is an engineer.

Steffi Kurth

Steffi loves figures and tables, after all she is the businesswoman in the team. Whenever Martin & Richard get lost in their own little world, she brings critique and alternatives to the table in order to structure the creative chaos.

Bengt Steinhäuser

Bengt is a studied computer scientist, therefore the team’s software developer and graphic designer. His programming skills brought Martins idea of the design generator to life in only a few hours. The website and logo also carry his unique signature.

Ludwig Voigt

Ludwig is the one who knows how to transform Martins ideas into products. As a product designer he brings 10 years of professional experience to the team, with important connections to manufacturers & retailers.


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